Client Reviews

A Huge Asset To The Law Profession

November 2, 2015


“Many people have a stereotypical idea about lawyers: They cheat, they lie, they don’t have any human qualities, etc. Mr. Chami completely destroys those stereotypes.

Mr. Chami is an honest lawyer. He won’t hold your hand to try and soothe your anxieties while telling you how everything is going to be great. He will never promise you that you’ll win your case or a certain amount of money. Right from the start, he tells it like it is. This doesn’t imply that he is mean; he is very nice, but realizes — unlike many other lawyers — that it’s best to be honest about a case upfront so there aren’t any hidden things or disappointments that come out later.

I was unjustly fired from a job for unethical reasons I won’t get into. But even before I was fired, the job made my life a living hell. I was absolutely hopeless and talked to several lawyers who didn’t think my case was worth anything. Sadly, some of those lawyers didn’t understand employment law.

I knew Mr. Chami was different as he was not only knowledgeable about employment laws, but demonstrated how they applied to my case. When I chose him as my lawyer, he always returned my calls and emails right away. He’s not the type who ignores your emails and comes up with some type of “I was at court” excuse or “I was sick” excuse.

The most important reason I sought legal representation was because I needed to feel vindicated for everything that happened to me on the job. I, as well as others who knew more about my type of case than I did, never thought the case would be worth a lot of money.

Mr. Chami brilliantly found things in the case that most lawyers would have looked over. For example, he realized that my employer used an outside human resources company to help manage things. Even though they weren’t directly responsible for my treatment, they were technically responsible for some of the damages and Mr. Chami was able to prove this.

The amount of money the company had to pay out was THREE-AND-A-HALF times what I ever imagined. Of course, there are contingency fees and other expenses — things Mr. Chami tells you about right up front. And when I received the final check, there weren’t any paper basket fees, lawyer entertainment costs, or any other “mystery fees” taken out of the settlement.

Once again, even more important than the settlement is the vindication I feel now for the horrible way I was treated. Thank you, Mr. Chami, for believing in me and my case. Your dedication to getting this case satisfactorily resolved not only helped me, but taught the people who manage the former company I worked for a very valuable lesson.”

– D.


Life changed

August 26, 2014


“Mr. Chami changed my life. I went to him after an incident at work and because they eventually wrongfully fired me. I talked to two other lawyers before him and they didn’t think I had a good case. Mr. Chami believed me and worked very hard for me. It was a long process, but today it was all worth it when he called me to pick up my check. I will never forget this and I will recommend him to anyone who needs a caring and good lawyer.”

– Thad


Trusted and valued with high respect

August 13, 2014


“I had many other options, referrals from friends and relatives. However, I chose to discuss my case with someone I knew less thanks to a referral by my friend. Mr. Chami was very knowledgable. I trusted sharing my story with him, knowing that confidentiality is key. I appreciated the updates and communication I had with him. He is very dedicated and self-motivated about his clients. He spent a lot of time strengthening our understanding of the facts, in finding the truth. Good or bad, he used such to benefit his client.

I have never experienced such motivation and knowledge from anyone in what they do.

He will be my preferred and recommended attorny for myself and all my friends for any needs.

Thank you is not enough to appreciate his dedication to his clients.”

– Farshad



January 24, 2014


“I found that he was very knowledgable and responded immediately and followed up with me before I even had a chance to ask. He is very personable and caring, which is rare for an attorney. I would highly recommend him.”

– Cathy


Employment Retaliation and Whistleblower case

January 17, 2014


“Mr Chami represented me in an Employment Retaliation and Whistleblower case and was able to negotiate a fair settlement in a very timely manner.

He was always available to answer any questions or concerns that I had and was very candid and honest about the risks and benefits of litigation . He kept me updated with every detail and there were never any unrealistic expectations nor unexpected surprises in the process.

Mr Chami is very knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend him to everyone.”

– Chris


Great Attorney

January 16, 2014


“Pouya handled our business transaction. He was so flexible and accomodating in meeting our needs. He always returned our calls in a timely manner, and he gave us excellent advice. He is hard working and trustworthy.”

– Max


Fantastic lawyer!!

January 14, 2014


“Mr. Chami helped me and my coworker when our last boss fired us and didn’t pay us all of our wages. He fought really hard for us and got us a great settlement that was more than we expected. He explained the laws to us and would always call us back whenever we had questions. Mr. Chami is very honest and caring. I highly recommend him and will go to him again if I ever have any employment issues in the future.”

– Employment client