Auto Accidents

feature-auto-accidentsCar accidents have become commonplace on California freeways. There are roughly 4,000 fatal car accidents in California each year and tens of thousands resulting in major or minor injuries.

When a car accident occurs, knowing where to go for help is a tremendous relief, read here about the benefits of hiring an Orlando car accident lawyer. Our experienced car accident attorneys help our clients:

  • Find caring and compassionate doctors
  • Avoid financial difficulty when unable to work
  • Recover property damage
  • Obtain compensation for pain and suffering
  • Keep the insurance companies honest
  • Hold guilty parties accountable for their actions

We Can Help
Chami Law is ready to handle your personal injury claim resulting from an auto accident, whether the claim is large or small. Our law firm is well equipped to handle all levels of personal injury matters, including high speed collisions, hit and run, rollover accidents, whiplash injuries, and roof crush incidents.

As a former defense attorney representing clients on behalf of large insurance companies, Mr. Chami is well versed in the negotiation tactics employed by insurance adjusters.

This breadth of experience enables the Chami Law Group to maximize client recovery on all personal injury matters.

In general, lawsuits are filed only after the insurance company refuses to pay the victim of an auto accident what he or she deserves, or in some cases, refuses to pay the victim anything at all. Insurance companies will often attempt to blame the victim for the car accident and make carefully worded false statements in order to substantiate their claims.

The attorneys at Chami Law vigorously pursue all personal injury matters on behalf of clients. With talented, knowledgeable, and experienced attorneys, Chami Law will maximize your recovery on any personal injury matter resulting from an auto accident.


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